Jovan Rajs

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Dina´s and Jovan´s lectures (1 and 2) and musical performance (3)

We are both survivors of the Holocaust. Therefore we share a great interest in combating racism, anti-Semitic and xenophobia.

We are speaking on individual basis and together, for students and the general public (in libraries, churches, universities, museums etc). Over time we have understood that our audience often can relate their own problems to our experiences. School children can for example have lonely, unemployed, alcoholised, drug-abusing or mentally ill parents. They can be immigrants with identity problems, in a constant culture shock with the society or with their own family. As well as being former victims in a wartorned country. Then it is up to us to share our vested knowledge. It can give our listeners another perspective, both for the past and what is yet to come.


• Our childhood during the Holocaust (appropriate for all ages, preferably schoolchildren age 15-19.)

• The good people of the Holocaust (appropriate from the age of 16). At the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 there were about 1 700 000 Jewish children under the age of 14 in Europe. One of seventeen children survived the Holocaust. At least ten genuine and brave people were necessary to save only one child. Their presence at the right time and place would determine a child´s survival. These people were then aware of risking their and life of their own families. We belong to those children who happened to survive. Now we are telling the story about the good people who helped us.

Lecture 1 and 2 are illustrated with pictures, own drawings from the camps and other documentations that are shown on power point. Both lectures last about 90 minutes each, with additional time for questions.

• Musical performance “Have you met Hitler?” Website: We are both participants in the performance, which is based on the following literature:

• “Ombud for de tystade” (Norstedts, 2001), by Jovan Rajs and Kristina Hjertén (Jovan´s biography).

• “En reva hade nätet - och där slank jag ut” (Megilla-Förlaget, 2009), by Dina Rajs (Dina´s story about her survival of the Holocaust).

• “Har du träffat Hitler?” (Norstedts, 2009), by Jovan Rajs

The books are written from a witness perspective and are completed with results of extended research activity. When the Second World War ended Dina was 7 and Jovan 12. Since we were both very young we get a unique story from a child view.